Being 15


I’m gonna tell you guys a little story about me and my age.

 I’m 15 years old this year and I’m in 11th grade. This means that I’ll graduate when I’m 16-17. I want to be a doctor when I grow up but my dad wants me to become an engineer. 

Now, I fear that when I enter college and I don’t get any scholarships and stuff, because my logic kinda sucks, my dad won’t support me and this going to cause a lot of ruckus. So I thought that maybe I can earn my own money to at least help out a bit and to show my determination.

So I searched for some jobs but here in the Philippines, the only jobs that I could find (part-time) is that you need to at least be 18 or 16 years old. I got one but turns out I need to know abacus for that so yeah…

So I tried again and I asked my Uncle, he said that maybe he could offer me an internship but… I needed to be 18 so that was a no-go either.

So now, I’m stuck trying to find a way to earn some money. I thought that maybe a blog or YouTube channel can but then I remembered that I need a lot of traffic for that. And, traffic grows with time, time that I don’t have much of. 

So if you guys have any suggestions please do comment below or send me message somewhere. I really need haha.

Thanks for reading!

December 3, 2017

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